Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Latest Issue of Tyndale Bulletin

The latest issue of TynBul is available soon, here's the contents:


New Exodus and No Exodus in Jeremiah 26-45: Promise and Warning to the Exiles in Babylon
Gary Yates (Liberty University, Virginia)

Pistis Christou in Galatians 2:16: Clarification from 3:1-6
Debbie Hunn (Dallas Theological Seminary)

Method and Old Testament Theology: Barr, Brueggemann, and Goldingay Considered
Tim Meadowcroft (Bible College of New Zealand, Waitakere)

The Glory of God in Salvation Through Judgment: The Centre of Biblical Theology?
James M. Hamilton Jr. (Southwestern Seminary, Houston)

Josephus' Retelling of 1 Kings 1 for a Graeco-Roman Audience
Christopher Begg (Catholic University of America)

Justification as Forensic Declaration and Covenant Membership: A Via Media Between Reformed and Revisionist Readings of Paul
Michael F. Bird (Highland Theological College, Dingwall)

Codex, Roll, and Libraries in Oxyrhynchus
Don C. Barker (Macquarie University, Sydney)

Mark 16:8 and Plato, Protagoras 328d
Nicholas Denyer (Trinity College, Cambridge)

Dissertation Summaries

A Study of 2 Timothy 4:1-8: The Contribution of Epistolary Analysis and Rhetorical Criticism
Craig A. Smith (Trinity College, Bristol)

Wealth and Wisdom in Matthew 6:19-34
Batara Sihombing (Abdi Sabda Theological Seminary, Medan, Indonesia)

The Leading of the Spirit and the Curse of the Law: Reassessing Paul's Response to the Galatian Crisis
Todd A. Wilson (College Church, Wheaton, Illinois)


Sean du Toit said...

Hey, I preached with Tim Meadowcroft back in the day. He's quite fun, and quite a good OT dude...

Anthony J Stiff said...

I'm a Westminster Theological Seminary student in Philadelphia. I just wanted to say thank you for writing the article in Tyndale Bulletin...for some time now I've wanted an article I could point friends to and be able to say 'I'm sort of thinking about the NP views on justification in these terms...', now with your article I can do this.

I've encouraged readers to use it at my blog and will continue to spread the word about it. I wish Michael there was a way it could be posted for free like the Criswell one since many of my lay leader friends don't have access to a seminary library...possibily in the future by you???