Monday, December 04, 2006

Latest Issue of Colloquium 38.2 (2006)

Colloquium is the journal of the Australian and New Zealand Society for Theological Studies. The latest issue includes:

Michael F. Bird
Jesus and the Revolutionaries: Did Jesus Call Israel to Repent of Nationalistic Ambitions?

John L. Dunn
Jesus Scholarship and Paradigm Shifts in Christology

Edmund A. Parker
Reading, 'Riting and 'Rithmetic: Towards an Inclusivist Model of Reading

Cathy Ross
Educating for contextual Mission "In Light of Recent Events"

Anton Karl Kozlovic
The Holy Cinema: Christianity, the Bible and Popular Film


Danny Zacharias said...

man, they have an awful website! They don't show table of contents or provide PDF downloads or anything!


David said...

Is there any way we can obtain an electronic version of your article?

Michael F. Bird said...

Email me and I'll send you a copy.

J.Skjou said...

As in "Repent" from your Nationalistic Ambitions and "Follow me." Did He? I've read and heard Wright on this a number of occasions but with little support, except his overall picture of 1st C Palistine. I would love to hear what your article has to say as well.

Josiah K. Walters said...

If you don't mind, Micheal, I would appreciate a copy of your paper as well. I can be reached at Thanks.