Saturday, December 02, 2006

New Blogs XII

One chap in the UK I would like to share a cup of tea and a biccy with would have to be Tim Chester (see his blog Tim Chester: Writer, Bible teacher, and household church planter). He is also a leader in the Crowded House which is "a network of missionary congregations, most of which meet in homes". I have heard of Tim some of his writings including a very good article in Themelios that weighed up the New Perspective on Paul both pro and con (I mention Tim's article in my forthcoming book with Paternoster).

His book From Creation to New Creation: Understanding the Bible Story from the brief glance I had seems like a great way to introduce lay people to the biblical storyline and biblical theology in general. And for the Theobloggers out there (those in the ilk of Been Mires), he also a theology volume entitled: Mission and the Coming of God: Eschatology, the Trinity and Mission in the Theology of Jurgen Moltmann. Tim is also a DODO (Dad of Daughter's only!)

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Daf said...

Tim's book, 'Good News to the Poor - sharing the gospel through social involvement' is a good and challenging read, even if he has a total downer on tea shops!