Thursday, December 21, 2006

Michael Jensen on the "The Power of Scripture?"

Over at The Blogging Parson, Michael Jensen, has an interesting post about The Power of Scripture?. (Michael is son of the Archbishop of Sydney, Peter Jensen; he is a lecturer at Moore College; and currently doing his Ph.D at Oxford). Here's quote:
In fact, I would want to say that the human weakness of Scripture is entirely in keeping with the character of the God whose word Scripture claims to be. Protestant attempts to defend the Bible from its own scandalous humanity by appeals to (real or alleged) “original autographs”, and the like are not only futile: they are unnecessary. While often this theology appeal to the character of God, by supernaturalising Scripture it actually conceals something of God’s true nature. These appeals are an expression of an over-realised eschatology of Scripture, an emphasis of the “now” at the expense of the “not-yet.”
Scintilating reading, but be sure to read the whole entry before jumping to conclusions.


michael jensen said...

Oh, that guy is such a heretic!

exegetical fallacy said...

Do all 'theological appeals to the character of God' supernaturalise Scripture?

Anonymous said...

I read the Inerrant Words at Infallible Jensen's blog, but do not understand exactly what he is saying (perhaps it is the effect of sin upon his words, or the effect of sin upon my mind, or possibly because I am finite and he is ... well the Jensen!).
Could you please interpret for me? Is he denying the inerrancy of scripture because he does not believe in the infallibility of God? I gather then that we are all to reject Sproulism because the Almighty Jensen so decrees?
Is my faith to be shaken by these statements?
Many thanks dear friend,

May your family have a wonderful Christmas.. I know you and yours must stay inside this year once again and suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous weather, whilst we mere colonial antipodeans sun ourselves besides the Pacific waters,

Every Blessing dear friend,

michael jensen said...



Justin said...



Steve -- can you comment without the ugliness? Infallible? Almighty? We can do without this, surely?

Maybe go across to his Blog and engage with people with godly questions etc.