Monday, May 05, 2008

Bob Jewett to Visit Melbourne

Robert Jewett is due to visit the Bible College of Victoria (Melbourne, Australia) for a day of lectures on Romans and Paul on the 10th of June 2008. If you're in Melbourne try to get yourself to that event.

On the subject of Romans, in reflection, my top five 'modern' commentaries on Romans would be:

1. Robert Jewett (Hermeneia). - judicious and thorough in everything from the text of Romans to exegetical comment and background.
2. Doug Moo (NICNT) - good evangelical commentary with great interactions on theological aspects of Romans and responses to the New Perspective.
3. James D. G. Dunn (WBC) - the quintessential new perspective commentary on Romans.
4. N.T. Wright (NIB) - like him or despise him, he writes well and stimulates the mind and heart about Paul, Christ, and God.
5. C.E.B. Cranfield (ICC) - The strength of Cranfield's commentary is his theological interaction with Barth and that he speaks Greek with a genevan accent.

Mention in despatches for Kaesemann, Stuhlmacher, Schreiner, and Schlatter. If you're talking ancient commentaries on Romans it is hard to go past Origen, Ambrosiaster, and Augustine. I don't know about Reformed Romans commentaries yet (I'm about to teach a Master's Course on Romans in the Reformed Tradition) but I hope to investigate this in the near future.


Ben said...

Murray is a solid, modern Reformed commentary on Romans. It is nothing flashy, but his exegetical sense is consistently strong. Cranfield was quite fond of Murray's commentary, quoting it often in his own.

Michael F. Bird said...


John Murray is definitely on my list of Reformed commentators on Romans to read. But I feel that he is more of a systematician than an exegete. Apparently John Piper remembers when and where he was when he read Murray's "Redemption: Accomplished and Applied". Up here in HTC one of Murray's nephews Rev. Alex Murray, is chariman of the board of governors and we follow Murray (rather than Kline) when it comes to covenant theology.

Anonymous said...

It is a sad thing Schreiner is not on your list.

Michael F. Bird said...

Schreiner is in the mention in despatches list. Problem is that his Pauline theology departs from all the good stuff that he says in Romans commentary.

volker said...

what does it mean exactly to teach Romans from a "Reformed" perspective? What makes your Masters course and HTC in general "Reformed"? Thanks!

John McClean said...

just to let you know (and I guess more importantly other Aussies who read your blog) that he is coming to PTC Sydney for a morning as well on 5th June. See
As a "systematics guy" I really like the chance to hear about what is happening in Biblical studies without having to read all that Greek!