Thursday, May 29, 2008

Masters in Reformed Theology

About time for some institutional promo. HTC runs a Masters in Reformed Theology which can be done full-time in one year or part-time over two years. The modules are run by week long intensives about six times per year. Modules include:

Method in Theology & Dissertation Colloquium
Dr Jamie Grant; Dr Michael Bird.

Scottish Covenant Theology
Professor A.T.B. McGowan

History of Reformed Theology
Dr Gerald Bray

Reformed Theology & Pastoral Ministry
Professor A.T.B. McGowan

Calvin & Calvinism
Professor Paul Helm

Zwingli and the Swiss Reformation
Dr Nick Needham

Romans in the Reformed Tradition
Dr Michael Bird

It also includes 20, 000 word dissertation.

You can learn more about the course here. It is possible to take single modules out of interest if you have an undergraduate theology degree with honours already. Students from outside the UK are welcomed to apply! The next cohort of students start 1st of September 2008 so be sure to apply before then.


Mike Osborne said...

I am a one of the pastor/elders in a new church plant in the states. I have finished an M.Div already, and eventually I would really like to do a Ph.D (maybe from HTC, and I'm trying to convince my brother to do the same!). However, I have no aspirations of leaving the church for the academy. I simply want to know God as clearly and deeply as possible and bring Him to bear to my congregation.

This degree interests me b/c I love Reformed Theology, and it looks to be helpful in my pastoral ministry pursuits. It would also afford me the opportunity to get exposed/evaluated to see if a Ph.D would be feasible for me in the future. Is that line of thinking sensible? Would this degree be helpful for those ends?

I do give praise to God for your blog. It always challenges me as a pastor to be more historical and theological. I should give a 'shout-out' to Nate Mihelis (boanerges blog) for turning me on to your blog over two years ago. He is currently a member at my brother's church.

Michael F. Bird said...

Thanks for your kind words. Either email direct with any questions or else get in contact with HTC about more information on our M.Th and Ph.D programms.

Sean said...

How about offering a Masters in New Testament Theology? Then I'll come!