Thursday, May 08, 2008

Jewish Interpretations of Paul

As a follow-up to a recent CBR article by myself and Preston Sprinkle on "Jewish Interpretations of Paul in the Last 30 Years", one of my students brought this book to my attention:

Riccardo Calimani,
Paolo, l'ebreo che fondo' il cristianesimo
= Paul, the Jew who established Christianity
(Oscar Storia, Mondadori, 2005)

I once asked Richard Bauckham how was he able to read biblical studies works written in Italian. I shall never forget his reply: "Well, if you can read Latin and Spanish, then Italian is quite easy to manage". I'm sure it is . . . but for us lesser mortals Google Language Tools will suffice in the meantime.

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Seumas Macdonald said...

Your Bauckham quote just made me literally laugh out loud. Oh well, at least I only need to brush up my Spanish then...