Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pentecost Sermon: The Mission of the Church

Last Sunday I was privileged to speak at a joint service of the Baptist Church, Church of Scotland, Free Church, and Kingway Fellowship in Culloden, Inverness. My text was Acts 2.1-47 and I spoke on the mission of the church. This is available on-line thanks to Culloden Baptist Church. This was a great joint service, a true spirit of fellowship was evident, the worship was great, and I think the sermon wasn't too bad either (of course I initially found it hard to concentrate since it was outside, it was cold, and the wind kept trying to blow my sermon notes away; so it finishes better than it starts).

The outline of the sermon is:

The Church is a Community of God's Promise and Power
The Church is a Missional Community
The Church is a Community of Spirit, Word, and Sacrament.

IMHO the secret to the church is the "M" of SMEAC! If you've ever served in the military you'll know what SMEAC is, if not, listen to the sermon to find out.


CJW said...

Downloading it now, Mike.

Topo's important - too many commanders (in our 'field') give an o-group having done only a map recce if at all - but there's a reason why M is said twice.

David said...

I was sorry that I was not able to be at the joint service - I was preaching at a Baptist Church in London!

I listened to it online and I thought that it was a great sermon. It is so good to hear academics who can also preach and who believe in both preaching and mission.

Also good to witness passion .... Mike clearly does not come from the Proc Trust stable :)

The sermon was exegetically robust and energetically proclaimed.

PeterHumphris said...

Mike, just listened through the whole sermon. Thanks. I'm wondering if the evening theme was also the morning theme in Kinmylies? I hope so! Again, thanks.