Saturday, May 31, 2008

The IBR Jesus group has nearly concluded it's ten years of study on aspects of the historical Jesus' life. The results should be published in 2009 and is edited by Bob Webb. The contributions include:

  • Baptism by John (Robert Webb)
  • Gathering of the Twelve (Scot McKnight)
  • Exorcisms and the Kingdom (Craig Evans)
  • Sabbath Controversies (Donald Hagner)
  • Table Fellowship with Sinners (Craig Blomberg)
  • Confession by Peter (Michael Wilkins)
  • Triumphal Entry (Brent Kinman)
  • Temple Incident (Klyne Snodgrass)
  • Last Supper (Howard Marshall)
  • Jewish Examination (Darrell Bock)
  • Roman Examination and Crucifixion (Robert Webb)
  • Empty Tomb and Appearances (Grant Osborne)
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    Sean said...

    Now this looks fantastic!