Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Barthian Prayer

Ready for the mid-week prayer meeting? Here's a warm up:

"Great, holy, and merciful God, we yearn for your ultimate revelation, in which it will be clear to all that the whole created world and all of history, all people and their life stories were, are, and will be in your gracious and strict hand. We thank you that we may look forward to this revelation. All this we ask in the name of Jesus Christ, in whom you have loved, chosen, and called us from eternity. Amen."

Barth, Fifty Prayers, p. 55.


Marty said...

Hey Michael,

I'm currently in Wemyss (Fife) with old friends on holidays after GAFCON. I'm contemplating coming up to Inverness next week and would love to drop into HTC and meet you in the flesh. Will you have time at all, or are you escaping during holidays?



Michael F. Bird said...

I'll be at Tyndale House until Wednesday of next week, but I'll be home Thursday morning (via train). Love to see ya drop by.