Tuesday, July 22, 2008

BBC Documentary on Peter Akinola and GAFCON

Informative BBC documentary about Nigerian Anglican leader Peter Akinola, aka "The Hammer of God" (watch to find out why he's called so, this lad has balls, two big brass one's) and the GAFCON movement. Tom Wright does a few cameos as the orthodox bishop who still supports Rowan Williams and gives a minority report against GAFCON. John Chane, episcopal bishop of Washington, gives the liberal side and looks like a cross between machiavellian merchant banker and the grand inquisitor. Chane's message seems to be that absolute pluralism is the new orthodoxy of Anglicanism and those who demur are, well, listen for yourself! The BBC reporter was about as objective as Pravada reporting on American politics and constantly digging at these feisty conservatives who demand allegiance to "their" interpretation. Once more, he neglects the fact that their interpretation on sexuality happens to be the one formally endorsed at Lambeth 1998 and he fails to recognize the far ranging diversity in the GAFCON movement itself. Still, a very insightful and eye opening account, esp. the testimony by one of the Nigerian bishops.


Bob MacDonald said...

my access to that link seems blocked - how did you get there from down under?

Michael F. Bird said...

1. I saw your face on the BBC website, well done!
2. Try find the link here: http://www.kendallharmon.net/t19/index.php/t19/article/14597/.
3. I'm from down under, but currently in Scotland.

Bob MacDonald said...

Thanks Michael - still blocked - I will get the news eventually when BBC sells it to CBC. You saw my face! Yes - my face on the news - my daughter (Director of Music at Selwyn College in the UK) was very pleased with Dad's brief publicity. I hope my conservative friends back home are aware that I don't believe in cheap grace. Gay and straight alike must come to the mercy seat and its translating power through the same particular narrow gate. I hope for all scholars and professional theologians that they will help with the clarity of this message.