Friday, July 04, 2008

Keeping the Faith: In Sydney

On the one hand, I have a secret ambition to stand in St. Peter's Bascilica and yell out, "Long live the Reformation," but on the other hand I did enjoy a photo article in the SMH about Catholics in Sydney.

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Roger Pearse said...

H.V.Morton's "A traveller in Rome" remarks that the Swiss guard are always on the look out for such people.

I believe one Scots minister did just this, a couple of centuries ago, and was arrested and condemned to the galleys. The Pope of the time, however, intervened and in a sensible manner thanked him for coming so far with good intentions and sent him home. The cruel and secular renaissance papacy was clearly giving way to the modern Christian papacy, and this was an early indication of it.

Luther did of course go to Rome himself.