Thursday, July 31, 2008

How Wide the Anglican Divide?

On my addictive Lambeth-watching, the severity of the Anglican rift has become more evident by two things in recent net activity. First, an on-line video juxtaposes the views of Rt Rev Stacey Sauls, Bishop of Lexington, USA and the Most Rev Benjamin Nzimbi, Archbishop of Kenya on the topic of homosexuality. I have to say that Stacey is simply wrong that the ancient world did not know of life-long committted homosexual relationships (he should visit the Trajan exhibit in London). What is more, in terms of a future direction to resolve the crisis/challenges, he rejects the notion of the will of the majority being imposed, in other words, he is against democracy in the communion. Second, the hot-off-the-press Times article by Henry Luke Orombi of Uganda alledges a number of consecutive betrayals that the global south have had to suffer committed by the Americans Episcopalians and even by Rowan Williams!

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