Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lectures by Thomas Schreiner on Perseverance

Tom Schreiner's lectures at Oak Hill are available. What I found particularly enjoyable was his lecture on, "Persevering in Faith is not Works-Righteousness". Main points were:

1. Schreiner confesses that he cannot tell the difference beteween an English accent and an Australian accent. I could say so many derogatory things about Americans here, but I shall restrain myself out of my respect for Tom.
2. Schreiner says that there is no eschatological salvation without obedience.
3. He gives a good examination of Romans 2 as referring to Gentile Christians (esp. vv. 25-29).
4. He regards obedience not as the basis of salvation, but obedience is the necessary evidence of salvation.
5. Works and Faith are distinguishable, but inseparable.
6. Schreiner is emphatic about embracing the perspective and paradigm of the cross for Christian faith.
7. Apostasy in Hebrews and Galatians is not retreating to libertinism but works-righteousness.
8. Schreiner provides some interesting reflection on what it means to "deny Christ".
9. He offers some good thoughts on assurance too.

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