Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Helmut Koester on a Hundred Years of NT Scholarship through HTR

In the centennial edition of Harvard Theological Review Helmut Koester has an article on "New Testament Scholarship through One Hundred Years of Harvard Theological Review" (HT: ETC). There are some good histories of NT research by Stephen Neil/N.T. Wright, John Riches, W.G. Kummel, and of course William Baird. This article is a good browse over trends in 20th century scholarship.

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Nicholas P. Mitchell said...

Hey Mike,

I know this doesn't relate to this post. Sorry to be a jerk. Anyways I saw that you are writing a book called "Are you the one who is to come?" so I figured you might be able to make a suggestion. Well there are plenty of books out there that explain the gospel in terms of Jesus dying for our sins. What I'm looking for is a book on the good news that Jesus is God's Son (i.e. Rom. 1.1-4). Any suggestions?