Thursday, January 08, 2009

What is the Rapture?

Student: 'Professor, what happens at the Rapture?'

Liberal Professor: 'Well, at the Rapture you walk up to your window, look outside, see people floating up into the sky, and then you should say to yourself, "Well, I'll be damned!"'


D.C. Cramer said...

Don't know how 'liberal' you'd have to be for this quote. I heard this joke from the mouth of no less than Tom Wright (at ETS five or six years ago). Got quite the reaction to say the least!

Mason said...

I think I heard this on a Wright MP3 lecture as well.
It's a brilliant line, all the more so since I know a good many people who do have that viewpoint of the last days.

Maybe I’ll throw it out there sometime and see how they react… who knows maybe they’d enjoy it too? (or they'll call me a heretic, either way it could be fun)

The Pook said...

Personally I don't think one should ever make jokes about being damned, whatever your millenial/dispensational viewpoint.

DrMarkJump said...

I've been trying to track down this joke. Thanks--your comments were helpful! I found a YouTube segment, "N. T. Wright the stand-up comic," in which he attributed the joke to Professor Robin Scroggs of Union Seminary (NY), who was answering a student's question. (See

Wright said that the quote was well known, but I have not been able yet to track down an original source.