Friday, January 09, 2009


Some stuff on Revelation to mull over:

1. D.A. Carson preaches a stirring sermon on “The Strange Triumph of a Slaughtered Lamb” (Revelation 12) [HT: Any Naselli].

2. Interpretation 63/1 (January 2009): Revelation as a Critique of Empire [HT Mark Goodacre] with articles by Craig Koester and Warren Carter.

3. Those wanting an introduction to Revelation should read Craig Koester's book.

4. Alan Bandy rethinks the meaning and application of Rev. 3.20.

5. Check out how close we are to the second coming by reading the Rapture Index (ecumenism, Barack Obama elected President, UN calling for a truce in Gaza - the end is nigh).

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Alan Bandy said...

Thanks for the referral. Thanks also for the round-up.