Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Testament in Antiquity

There are so many good NT Introductions out there these days. Currently, I refer students to David deSilva, Raymond Brown, and sometimes Robert H. Gundry. But I am considering adding to the list the recent book by Gary Burge, Lynn Cohick, and Gene Green (all of Wheaton College) with their new volume The New Testament in Antiquity. I love Gary Burge's stuff on Gospel of John and Christian Politics about the land of Israel. Lynn Cohick is writing a commentary on Ephesians in the NCCS which I edit with Craig Keener. Sadly, I don't know that much about Gene Green as I haven't read his Thessalonians or 2 Peter/Jude commentaries. Zondervan has put an interview up of the trio on youtube discussing the book.

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