Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tom Schreiner vs. Australia

Tom Schreiner is a good man and a fine scholar, but I was enraged with post-colonial nationalism when I heard him say in a lecture recorded at Oak Hill College in London that he cannot tell the difference between a British accent and an Australian one. But all is forgiven now and I'm happily reading over his NT Theology and enjoying it very much. However, a few other Australians are reading it as well and have problems with Schreiner's unifying theme of God magnifying himself through Jesus Christ. You can read the critical questions posed by Michael Jensen and comments by Ben Myers.


michael jensen said...

Hey - I have only offered some critical questions, rather than comments! My observations are most certainly preliminary, and I am willing to let Schreiner win me over on this as I read further. I will be fascinated to see what you think of his account of righteousness, however.

Michael F. Bird said...

Rodger that. I've ammended the post to take account of that. I'll be on board with Schreiner most of the way regarding "righteousness" but I liked his formulation in his Romans commentary much more than in his Pauline theology book.