Friday, August 11, 2006

Andreas Kostenberger on Johannine Chronology

Over at his blog Biblical Foundations Prof. Andreas Kostenberger posts some interesting thoughts on chronology and the Fourth Gospel.

Mention should also be made of one of Kostenberg's students, Alan Bandy, and his blog Cafe Apocalypsis (the coffee is aweful but the studies are good!) who has been making some sterling posts on Revelation, especially in relation to the issues of date, the identification of "Satan's Throne" (apparently not Washington!), and whether or not Domitian was really a nasty guy afterall.

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Alan S. Bandy said...

Thanks for the mention, Michael. In the coming weeks, I plan on posting about the socio-historical situation that the churches in Asia might have been experiencing.

By the way, we serve a variety of coffees and coffee drinks. Something for all coffee drinkers, even some very fine speciality teas