Friday, August 11, 2006

Ben Myer's on Theology for Beginners

Over at Faith and Theology my favourite Evangelische Barthian friend has started a series of posts on Theology for Beginners.

Perhaps we have history in front of us as Ben Myers lays out the blue print for some kind of future magnum opus on Church Dogmatics.


Ben Myers said...

Well, maybe an opus minimus....

tim said...

I plan on reading Ben's I am indeed a beginner in theology.

My question to you is, as a Catholic, how do I read these post in light of Catholic Teaching?

I am not familiar with the term "Evangelische Barthian". (I recognize the authors name)

....I told you I was a beginner :-)

...but I'm an eager learner of my faith and while I consider myself orthodox in my catholic faith, I like to hear all aspects and many views.

Any thought on how I should proceed?

tim +<><

Michael F. Bird said...

1. Well, I'm not Catholic, so I don't know. Best bet would be to ask Michael Barber of the blog "Singing in the Reign". Or ask Ben himself.
2. Evangelische is German for Lutheran or Protestant.

Ben Myers said...

Hi Tim. Well, as a Protestant I'm of course doing theology from a Protestant perspective. But I'm not trying to offer a "Protestant theology" -- instead, I'm trying to think about my own faith in a way that does justice to the faith of the whole church.

Anyway, in the "further reading" suggestions at the end of each post, I'll generally include one or two texts by Catholic authors -- so you could always look up some of these texts if you wanted to.