Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Colloquium 38.1 (2006).

The journal Colloquium is the official publication of the Australian and New Zealand Theological Society, which frequently depicts some of the best articles in Antipodian scholarship. The latest issue includes:

Oliphant, Rachel and Paul Babie. ‘Can the Gospel of Luke Speak to a Contemporary Understanding of Private Property? The Parable of the Rich Fool.'

Pembroke, Neil. ‘A Pastoral Perspective on the Suffering of God.’

Tovey, Derek. ‘Stone of Witness and Stone of Revelation: an Exploration of Inter-textual Resonance In John 1:35-51.’

Rivka Ulmer, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur, ‘The Boundaries of the Rabbinic Genre Midrash.’

Whibley, M.E.L. 'A Postmodern Paradox: Collective Repentance in an Age without Sin.'


BEReynolds said...

Michael, is there anyway to get a hold of this edition of Colloquium? I am particularly interested in the article on John 1.35-51.

Michael F. Bird said...

Try St. John's College in Auckland (via Google) and contact Derek and ask him for a copy.

BEReynolds said...

Thanks. I'll give it a try.

Sean du Toit said...

St. John's, where I spent tons of time in the Kinder Library, reading and reflecting on the historical Jesus. I can email Derek for a copy of the article if anyone wants it?