Saturday, August 26, 2006

A funeral: the first event of the semester

Today I attended a funeral for the brother of a student of mine. Last year I taught at NPU as an adjunct. One of my students from that class will be in my John course this semester. On Thursday this week I ran into him on campus and was excited to touch base about the upcoming semester. After a short greeting he told me his brother was shot and killed in his home over the weekend.

Today I attended the funeral for Marquis Lovings to support Brandon. Many of Marquis's friends and family members stood and spoke of him. They spoke of his laugh, his love and his life. I did not know him, but by the end of the "celebration" I wished I had.

I was very thankful to have been able to be there for Brandon. This is what I love about teaching and what I signed up for. In the end, teaching is so much more than what we do in the classroom.


Celucien joseph said...

Well done, Michael! I am glad that you were able to share that with us and were there athe funeral.You're living out what you teach in the classroom. Wonderful, Michael! God will honor that and expects us to be such a role model to people he places in our lives.

By the way, what text (s) are you using for your course on the Gospel of John?

Michael F. Bird said...

I think you mean well done Joel! Heck of a start to the semester.

Joel Willitts said...


Thanks for your comments; if you met Mike and I in person you would not be tempted to confuse us.

Re: John: This is the first time I am teaching John so this will be a bit of trial and error to get the text books right. I am using Koestenberger's intro to John, Burge's book on Interpretation of John, Wright's two volumes John for Everyone, and Burridge's book Four Gospels, One Jesus?

What do you think? Do you have some recommendations?

BTW: Have you met John Taylor? He is a friend of mine from Cambridge.

Celucien joseph said...


I haven't read Burge's work yet. Kostenberger's "Encountering John " is a good introductory text (at the undergraduate level).

John Taylor is a fine Christian scholar. It is indeed an honor to have him at SWBTS.

tony siew said...

Hi Joel,
For an introductory text or commentary on John's Gospel for undergraduates, I would also recommend F.F.Bruce's commentary and G.Beasley-Murray's WBC and Barnabas Lindars' commentary in NCB. Lindars' commentary is very insightful on a number of points. R. Brown's 2 volumes on AB are also useful but maybe a bit too much for 2-year undergraduates.