Monday, August 21, 2006

Zwingli Book Buying Bonanza

For the Zwingli buffs out there (both of you), you'll be glad to know that James Dickson books has got some very cheap Zwingli works for sale including:

1151, ZWINGLI, Huldrych Zwingli Seine Entwicklung zum reformator 1506-1520 488pp illus. Edt. by O.Farner, £ 8

1152, ZWINGLI, Huldrich Zwingli Reformatorische Erneuerung von Kirtle und Volk in Zurich 1525-1531. Zurich-1960 d.w. 574pp, £ 9

1153, ZWINGLI, Zwingli, der theologe [teil 3]. edt by T. Pfitzer. Zurich-1980 364pp, £ 8

1154, ZWINGLI, Huldrych Zwingli. Seine verkundigung und ihre ersten fruchte 1520-1525. Zurich-1954 615pp, £ 8

See the complete list of books here and check out the James Dickson website on my sidebar.

I scored some cheap copies of E. Lohse on Colossians and J.C. Beker's Theology of Paul.

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