Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Why I'm not a Cessationist

If you want to know why I'm not a cessationist, then read this article here.

On a totally different subject I have just had a profound revelation (further proof that I'm not a cessationist):

Baseball is a derivative of cricket that was created for people with Attention Deficit Disorder! At last, I think I understand the game.

Would love my co-blogger to respond!


thunderbeard said...

while i can't say that you're off base (pun INTENDED, hahahahahahaha) on the baseball assessment, i must say that it hurts to hear that little bit of truth.

also, i posted a comment on your baptist catholicity post. i'd appreciate it if you'd read it when you get a chance and give me your thoughts.

Michael F. Bird said...

Interesting biography on the to be Anglican or Baptist in the post below. I think staying Baptist might actually be the lesser of two evils! But there have been times where I've thought about jumping onto the Anglicanship msyelf (until it was recently named SS Titanic Mk. II). I could have good a very lucrative scholarship if I did.

Sadly, I think Paternoster already has a dust cover in mind with the PBM series. The one you designed is very similar to Paul Rainbow's book on Paul too. But thanks for trying - I appreciate it.

lingamish said...

I'm perfectly willing to believe that baseball and cricket are related (I won't make any snide comments about either sport at the moment...) but that Rowan would make such a statement beggars belief. Wow! This in the context of what is happening in North America signals for me a great continental divide. We'll see.

thunderbeard said...

thanks for your thoughts. i appreciate it. also, i assumed that the cover wouldn't go over. but, honestly, i just think the PBM covers are so drab. it was mainly for me to keep honing my design chops, so to speak. also, the resemblence to the rainbow book is a little uncanny, but totally accidental.

NWMihelis said...

Did I miss a joke with the cessasionist thing? The article I saw was on homosexuals. I don't get it (should I be embarrassed?).


Michael F. Bird said...

NMW, the good archbishop has changed his mind rather dramatically on the homosexuality subject - that's the miracle.

Gombis said...

The relationship of cricket to baseball is something like that of the Law to Christ--you know, that whole fulfillment thing, the completion, telos, the reality vs. the shadow, etc. Seriously, the relationship is somewhat more complicated, since The Game has a closer relationship to the British kids game 'rounders' than to cricket.

lingamish said...

Another way of looking at this might be that baseball is to cricket as cessationists are to "continuationalists" as egalitarians are to complimentarians, etc. That is, in the grand scheme of things these items are largely identical.

But we're getting off topic. The really wonderful thing is this very unexpected pronouncement by an exceptionally influential religious leader.

Joel Willitts said...

Having lived in England for over four years I think I am in a position to speak to the issue of Cricket and Baseball.

I have to be honest I tried to give Cricket a chance. I even had an Aussie friend of mine spend and afternoon watching and explaining the match.

The only similarity between the two sports is a ball and a bat. Beyond that the sports are not even close to being similar; especially in their object. Furthermore, games last for 5 days! That is ridiculous. That is to say nothing of the "fairy" white outfits the players wear (nice hats!).

I could say more.

tony siew said...

I know nothing about baseball except the home run. But I love cricket. It is the best game and sport in the world. Even the 5-day tests are absorbing. I was addicted to it. I watched the Ashes series in 1980 every minute of it and nearly failed my Victorian High School Cert. I was enthralled with Ian Botham blasting the Aussies with his bat and bowling them over (Mike probably too young to remember). At that time I was barracking for Australia of course because I changed my allegiance to the Kiwis.
Try facing a red hard ball coming at you at 150kmh from 22 yards and you'll know how thrilling the game could be.

As I believe in miracles and revelation, I thank God that the Archbishop has a change of mind on the issue and do give him the benefit of the doubt, that it is conviction and not political or ecclesiastical expediency.

Scot McKnight said...

You're all wrong. Baseball is not a derivative of cricket, but of rounders -- New York City folks -- end of 19th Century.

And there are levels here: Baseball is to rounders what John the Baptist is to Jesus, and the National League to the Baseball what Jesus is to John.

Pleroma, folks, plerow. Doxa!

C. Stirling Bartholomew said...

M.Bird wrote:

"the good archbishop has changed his mind rather dramatically on the homosexuality subject - that's the miracle"

I have a lot of respect for a man who can change his mind but who is Rowan Williams? I am a little out of touch with ecclesiastical dignitaries in the old country. Sounds like this guy has really flipped out, like Shelby Spong morphing into Jerry Falwell.