Sunday, August 13, 2006

NTT Quotes (1)

‘The historical component in theological interpretation of the New Testament is essential if Scripture is to remain definitive of Christian belief. It helps preserve the givenness of revelation ab extra and makes possible some degree of consensus about valid meanings by excluding arbitrary interpretations from doctrinal contexts.’

Robert Morgan, ‘Jesus Christ, the Wisdom of God (2),’ in Reading Texts, Seeking Wisdom: Scripture and Theology, eds. David Ford and Graham Stanton (London: SCM, 2003), 34.

‘Any New Testament theology worth its salt must be seen to offer a meaningful interpretation of the NT to the community for which it was written.’

John Ashton, ‘History and Theology in New Testament Studies,’ in The Nature of New Testament Theology, eds. Christopher Rowland and Christopher Tuckett (Oxford: Blackwell, 2006), 10.


Nick Nowalk said...

In the first quote, should "ab extra" be "ad extra"?

Andy Rowell said...

And I like this painting by Marc Chagall. Andy Rowell
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