Sunday, January 21, 2007

Adolf Schlatter on Prayer

"Faith is God's gift; so too is that prayer that proceeds from faith. Precisely through believing prayer we overcome that arrogance that would gladly place itself above God. And humility becomes a possibility, for we receive with thanks all good things from his hand, as we derive with supplication our actions from his will. As faith brings about deliverance from the self, prayer brings about repudiation of our selfish will - not so that we will become will-less, but so that our will might be founded on God's rule and reign."

Werner Neuer, Adolf Schlatter (trans. R. Yarbrough), p. 162.

Awesome!! This gives my prayer life the revitalizing that it needed.

This biography of Schlatter includes a number of wonderful appendices written by Schlatter; the one on prayer is a must read! So throw away your Left Behind books, for the love of Martha stop watching 24 and Lost, and go ye and read Schlatter's biography - it is much more edifying!

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