Thursday, January 18, 2007

Around the Blogs

First, there is an excerpt from R. Scott Clark (ed). How We Got Here: The Roots of the Current Controversy over Justification which is the opening chapter on a book raising alarm about several issues in the US (I find it most concerning that some Reformed scholars cannot say "Scripture" without also adding "as understood by the Reformed Confessions" as if Scripture needs the Confessions in order to be authoritative or comprehensible. In my view Sola Scriptura means Scripture alone or Scripture plus nothing! Not Scripture as interpreted by the Talmud. Not Scripture as interpreted by the Magisterium. Not Scripture as interpreted by the Westminster or Philadelphia Confessions. The Confessions are a wonderful and useful compendium of what Scripture teaches but they are not an extension of, surrogate for, or proxy for Scripture itself. Scripture is supreme over the Confessions). HT: Daniel Kirk. And the book is available from the Westminster Theological Seminary Bookstore.

Second, Tim Chester is doing some cool stuff on Revelation and Globalisation.

Third, Alan Street notes that Oscar Cullmann is making a reprint comeback thanks to Wipf & Stock.

Fourth, if the details are indeed accurate, Wade Burleson notes a grave travesty of injustice against a sister-in-Christ (Sheri Klouda).

Fifth, Ben Myers posts Kim Fabricius' Twelve propositions on same-sex relationships and the church. I think I'll side with Michael Jensen on that one (see the comments). Let me say, everybody is invited to my church, women, blacks, drunks, whores, poofs, druggies, and even Republicans - and come as you are! But nobody is allowed to stay as they are. And if you have to do business with God in the area of sexuality (straight, gay, bi- whatever) then so be it. For all have sinned and fall short the glory of God and need to experience the justifying and transforming power of the gospel!

Sixth, Scot McKnight has a letter to Emerging Christians which is worth reading.


michael jensen said...

Yeah, thanks for the support there MB!

Happy to out myself as a bilicising fundie at this point...

michael jensen said...

that's biblicising...

Mark Traphagen said...

Just for clarity: R. Scott Clark is the Torquemada of Westminster Seminary, Escondido, California, not Westminster of Philadelphia. The former was spawned by the latter, but now has no organic connection.

Speaking of the new Westminster West book and the two Westminsters, interesting to note that Mark Garcia, in his class on Calvin at WTS Philly last week, slammed the book, dismissing it as "essentially Lutheran, not recognizable as Calvinist."

Mark Traphagen said...

Also (now donning my Westminster Bookstore manager cap), we have no problem with you directly linking to the PDF of R. Scott Clark's chapter in Covenant, Justification, and Pastoral Ministry, but it might be polite to note, therefore, that the book in question is available to US readers through our store ( Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Michael, thanks for your post about Dr. Klouda. I continue to be devastated by the actions of my alma mater. I can just about kiss good bye of ever finding a teaching post anywhere outside fundamentalist circles.
I find it funny that Patterson was so closely aligned with W.A. Criswell and I used to chuckle when I listened to Mrs. Criswell's Bible class on the radio in the DFW area. She was basically performing expository preaching every week on the radio. I hurt for Dr. Klouda and I hurt for my old institution.

Michael F. Bird said...

Thanks for your comments!
1. Note the link to the book store I've added.
2. When I say "Westminster" and "Philadelphia" I'm not thinking of the seminaries but of the confessions. I am sure you are aware of the 1689 London Baptist Confession and the 1742 Philadelphia Baptist Confession which are very similar to Westminster Confession but (as any renegerate person would agree) they are eminently superior at certain points ;-) - I hope you are able to detect my Aussie humour here which is lost on many Americans!!!

Mark Traphagen said...

Michael, thanks for the link. And sorry about being thick about the Philadelphia reference. I get a little over-sensitive when I think that the two Westminster seminaries in America are being equated, which obviously (now I know) you were not doing.

And I'm learning Aussie humor (or humour more properly) at the feet of Doug Green. 'Nuff said!