Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bruce Chilton on H.C. Kee's book The Beginnings of Christianity: An Introduction to the New Testament

Bruce Chilton has recently reviewed H.C. Kee's book on The Beginnings of Christianity at BAR.

Kee's volume is basically a Christian Origins approach to the NT Introduction genre. What I liked about Kee's book is that he gives good attention to the sociological side of things but without every trying to jettison the theological dimension or the "God question" out of the texts - there is no sociological reductionism and no reconstruction of mythic communities. (My own review had just been published in the UK journal Theology). A highlight of the book is the many excurses which deal with a variety of topics useful to understanding the NT, like the one on Paul and Stoicism etc.

HT: Jim West


James Crossley said...

Does any scholar actually reduce things to just sociology?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
Any chance of you commenting on the effects of modalism on Hillsong, with TD Jakes keynote speaker at the Hillsong conference in July 2007 in Sydney?

I received a leaflet in my mail today.
The leaflet is below:

TD Jakes comes from a United Pentecostal background. He pastors The Potter’s House. He is also a leader and elected bishop of the “Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies,” a network of Oneness Pentecostal churches.

Still as long as they speak in tongues they must be ok? right?