Friday, January 05, 2007

Cullmann on "The Return of Christ"

"But to rediscover the vigorous faith of the early Christians it is even more important to restore our own period of time to its place within the whole history of salvation, to see it as the end-time, between the resurrection and the return of Christ. The time of the Church is founded on the cross and resurrection. It lives in expectation of the Lord's return. It needs courage to consider our history in this way, but that is precisely what is implied by the faith of the New Testament. On this road, which leads from the suffering and risen Christ to the Lord of glory, our hope will no longer be a vague remembrance of overworn concepts but a living certainty in that Christ is the same yesterday, today and in the age to come. Following the example of the Church of the New Testament we preach Christ who was crucified in the past, we acknowledge courageously that Christ is the Kurios who now reigns hidden from our eyes, we pray in the truth to the Christ who is to return: Maranatha!"

Oscar Cullman, "The Return of Christ," in The Early Church (trans. A.J.B. Higgins; London: SCM, 1956), pp. 161-62.


Anonymous said...

Great comment from Cullmann.

Already/Not Yet said...

FYI, in 2007 Wipf and Stock will begin reprinting all Cullmann's works, beginning with CHRIST AND TIME. This will introduce Cullmann to a whole new generation of biblical scholars who only know him for the poularizing Already/Not Yet eschatology.

I have read most of Cullmann's writings over the past four years and have never been disappointed. His insights and clarity of thinkin/writing are remarkable.

I hope your young readers will pick up a volume of Cullmann and discover for themselves one of the most respected NT scholars of the last century.

R. Alan Streett, Ph.D.
Editor, Criswell Theological Review