Saturday, August 09, 2008

Around the Blogs

Things of note around the blogosphere:

1. Scot McKnight, author of the Jesus Creed blog, is the featured blogger of the month over at See this: Blogger of the Month for August 2008.

2. Congrats to Ben Blackwell, a Ph.D student in Durham, who has just accepted a part-time position as N.T. Wright's research assistant.

3. Congrats to Chris Tilling for his appointment as NT Tutor at St Mellitus College and St Paul's Theological Centre where he'll be working with, among other people, the wives of Rowan Williams and Alister McGrath!

4. Nijay Gupta, also from the Durham cohort, offers some good thoughts on becoming a more well-rounded biblical theologian.

5. Andrew McGowan is preaching the excellencies of the great Baptist Preacher Charles Spurgeon to Presbyterians in Sydney, Australia and teaching Reformed folk what covenant theology is about (i.e. Meredith Kline doesn't know a covenant from his elbow [my words not McGowan's]). The good news is that so far no one has commented "You are surprisingly understandable for a Glaswegian" or asked him "Which part of England are you from?".

6. Wipf & Stock is producing some funky books on Anglicanism including the forthcoming title On Rowan Williams: Critical Essays including one essay by Ben Myers.


The Pook said...

re point 5.

Andy spoke very well at St Andrews Launceston, Tasmania today, and speaks on Tuesday at a one day conference where he will give three talks on The Holy Spirit.

He and June have been enjoying our Tasmanian birdlife and weather colder than Scotland, with snow on the mountains roundabout!

I may post some photos on my blog if I get round to it.

Michael F. Bird said...

I look forward to the photos!

The Pook said...

Michael - some photos of your boss and a brief report on some of his doings are on a couple of posts here now.

Andy & June spoke tonight in Ulverstone on the north west coast and tomorrow we are sending them to Cradle Mountain Chateau for some R&R before they fly out on Friday for Melbourne. The workman is worth his wages.

The Pook said...

Michael - I have started another blog to review Andrew's book The Divine Spiration/Authenticity of Scripture. It may be found at

- Greg