Monday, August 04, 2008

Paul and an eight year old

I popped into work today to check mail and email and I brought my daughters with me. My elderst daughter, Alexis, asked to read one of my books while she was waiting: shock of my life, a member of my family actually interested in my academic writings! I had to make sure she didn't think it was a colouring book first and then I gave one to her to read. Then after reading a few pages of Saving Righteousness of God, she asks me:

"Dad, was Paul Catholic?"
"Umm. No darling".
"Was Paul Baptist?".
"Aah. No, those things came later."
"What was Paul then?"
Daddy pauses and thinks. "Paul was a Christian".


Ben Myers said...

Nice one! And I'm glad you didn't answer: "Baptist?! Hell no, darling, he was a Reformed Baptist!"

Shane Becker said...

Ah, little Lexy is growing up!

Love to all.

(Oh, and recently added a neat little blog link feature to your home page. Hope you like it. I can remove it if you wish).


hrobins said...

And there it is! I love how kids say the simplest things and yet somehow remind us of the more profound things in life.