Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bird's "Playdoyee" book

The best line in the Martin Meiser's recent review of Bird's SROG is the last: 

In sum, this well-reasoned playdoyee for reconciliation deserves many attentive readers. 

I'm not sure what the word "playdoyee" means, but I wonder if this is a typo by Meiser for "playdoughee"? This is surely more characteristic of Bird. 


Dan Bailey said...

Hi Michael,

I immediately also noticed Herr Meiser's use of the expression "pladoyee for reconciliation" at the end of his RBL review of your book. I recognized it as essentially transliterated German, das Plädoyer = plea. I do not think that the term has been domesticated into English. I found only one English-language use of it on the Web: "This page is primarily a pladoyee for modesty and self-criticism."


Dan Bailey

(I noticed this because I'm a German translator, especially of books by Peter Stuhlmacher, who has used the word "Plädoyer" more than once in works I have translated. So far I have published Stuhlmacher, Revisiting Paul's Doctrine of Justification; Janowski and Stuhlmacher, The Suffering Servant: Isaiah 53 in Jewish and Christian Sources. Also Klauck, Ancient Letters and the New Testment, etc.)

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the note. It was actually me (Joel Willitts) who wrote this comment as a pun on Mike having playdoughee arguments. Thanks for the surely correct explanation. I would not have recognized that word as a German transliteration.

Andy Rowell said...

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