Thursday, August 07, 2008

Roland Boer Responds to D.A. Carson

Over at his blog, Stalin's Moustache, Roland Boer responds to D.A. Carson's recent RBL review of his book. I would be keen to know what and how Boer determines who is on the religious right. I would consider myself "evangelical" and fairly conservative in terms of theology, but economically I believe in universal health care, that the state should control essential services like gas and electricity supply, which does not quite fit into the RR of the USA.


A. B. Caneday said...

I find it humorous that Roland Boer calls Carson's review a "rabid rant from the religious right while he pretends to present a "calm and sober response". LOL

The Pook said...

Hello Michael. Your boss Andy arrives here tomorrow. He has also recently inspired (or should that be 'spirated'??) some equally rabid reviews on his book! How come you haven't got a positive review of his book on your blog? I am trying to get round to writing one myself.

I can't comment on Boer's book, haven't read it. Though I do respect Carson's preaching and writing ministry and have benefitted from it.