Friday, April 10, 2009

My Top Three Easter Sunday Songs

1. Don Francisco, "He's Alive", the Don is a brilliant story teller through song and this song is a classic itself.

2. Petra, "The Grave Robber", a great Christian band (for those of us old enough to remember), singing an excellent song on the resurrection of Christ and his grave emptying parousia.

3. Acappella, "Arise My Love", the chorus of this song is what I sing to my girls when I wake them up in the morning. This is my absolute favourite Easter sunday song. A good version is also sung by the group New Song.

He is risen, he is risen indeed!


Dunc and Als said...

Hi Mike,

Perhaps because of the era that I grew up in, I like Petra's "It Is Finished!"

And maybe because I'm a youth worker (or some derivative there-of at present), I really like "See His Love" from Soul Survivor's "We Must Go" double album.

Have a blessed Easter / Selamat Paskar,


Brian Small said...

I am in complete agreement with you here. Among the contemporary Christian songs, these are the top three, except I prefer the Newsong rendition for "Arise, My Love."