Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rod Liddle on the COE

I confess that I've never much liked British journalist Rod Liddle as his brand of bolshie british liberalism is not my cup of tea. It was all the more amazing to see him singing the praises of traditional Anglicanism in the COE over and against its religious pluralist leaders who have capitulated to political correctness. Read the article here.

The blurb reads: "Rod Liddle offers an Easter message to the leaders of the Church, who have ditched its traditions and reduced it to a sort of superannuated ad-hoc branch of social services. It has lost all sense of mission and direction. Whatever happened to muscular Christianity?"

I liked this quote from Liddle in particular: "I should come clean, here: the Church of England’s historic commitment to tradition mediated by a rational appraisal of modernity is what attracts me to its rapidly evolving catechism. But in the last few years it seems to have chucked out the tradition bit — the rock upon which it is based — entirely. Under Rowan Williams particularly, it seems to have swallowed whole every convenient shibboleth of modern liberalism, every transient political fashion — just as have, by the way, our judiciary, our social services, our education departments. It has become an institution which is more politically correct even than our government; you look to it for moral leadership and it offers none whatsoever."

HT: Jason Hood

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