Thursday, April 16, 2009

Review of N.T. Wright's new book at SBTS

My good buddy Denny Burke managed to bring together some evangelical luminaries (who forunately all teach in the same place) to have a panel discussion on N.T. Wright's new book on Justification and Paul. It features Tom Schreiner, Mark Seifrid, and Brian Vickers. Jim Hamiilton has access to the post here and it is linked to audio of the discussion. I haven't listened to it myself yet, but hopefully will tomorrow night with a nice glass of veno.


Erick White said...

Thank you!

I think it was awesome.


There was not much treatment of the specific issue of Jesus' earthly obedience to God from childhood to death. This specific issue has been the cause of much debate.

Nicholas P. Mitchell said...

Hey Bird!

I think you'll like the discussion. It's quite humerous at times. sometimes, however, I just wanted to throw my shoe at my computer speakers. I just posted on the phrase "pistis Christou" on my blog. Just some things my wife and I came up with.

Anonymous said...

Interested in your take on the chat.