Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Podcast Programme: Solum Evangelium

I have finally decided to start a podcast programme called Solum Evangelium which is broadcast in order to show the relevance of biblical, theological, and historical studies for the life of the church. These will take place spasmodically (as often as I can find guest speakers and like minded folks) and I intend to do more in the future on this.

This podcast (SE 1) is about "Preaching, Teaching, and Singing the Psalms" with Dr. Jamie Grant (Biblical Studies Tutor at the Highland Theological College) and the Rev. Angus Macrae of Dingwall Free Church.

Let me know what ya think in comments!


danny said...

Once I got past the accents, I liked it a lot (that's right- someone from Boston is picking on accents). Great thoughts on the lament psalms. I thought your guests had some really helpful insights. Great work.

Oh, and I hope your wife stopped listening by minute 38 or so.

Danny Zacharias said...

Haven't listened yet but I'm sure I'll love it. Coming from your techie student though I need to point out that this is not a podcast proper. A podcast is something that is fed through an rss feed so that people can subscribe to it just like a blog, but in iTunes.

Check out this page for help on podcasting with Wordpress

John Smuts said...

Ditch the cheesy organ intro.

The podcast idea is great though.

Anonymous said...

Well done Mike!