Saturday, April 11, 2009

N.T. Wright - Stop Trivializing Easter

Over at the Times Online, the good bish of Durham has an excellent article about Easter faith entitled, "The Church must stop Trivialising Easter".

Here's the final quote:

The world wants to hush up the real meaning of Easter. Death is the final weapon of the tyrant or, for that matter, the anarchist, and resurrection indicates that this weapon doesn't have the last word. When the Church begins to work with Easter energy on the twin tasks of justice and beauty, we may find that it can face down the sneers of sceptics, and speak once more of Jesus in a way that will be heard.

You have to love this stuff!


Brian LePort said...

Great article, thanks for the link.

Gordon Kennedy said...

Thanks for sharing this.

Edward Pothier said...

Thanks for sharing the link and your comments.

As soon as I read your first sentence, it was clear; but just from the title of your post I initially thought that the "N. T. Wright" was a vocative and you were (presumptuously?) criticizing him for trivializing Easter, i.e. telling him to stop trivializing Easter rather than summarizing his points.