Friday, July 17, 2009

Is Michael Bird Scottish?

Is Michael Bird Scottish? Well, according to "World Magazine" I am! Over at WM, Marvin Olasky reviews Introducing Paul, and he sounds pretty excited by it, but I have to tell Marvin: ochai laddy, ya a wee bit off da mark on dat un. But an easy mistake to make since I do have red hair and I am in Scotland! If anyone has an on-line subscription to WM, I'd love to read the whole review.


Dru Johnson said...

Fearing to correct you, it should be pointed out that he calls you a 'Scottish lecturer' which has just enough vagueness to be correct. A lecturer in Scotland could be considered a Scottish lecturer, right?

Edward Pothier said...

I am ready to accept your claim to be Australian. But if an un-Photoshopped picture of you in a kilt appears, you will have been out-ed!

ros said...

Possibly the picture of Mike in a Hawaiian grass skirt should appear on the blog?