Saturday, July 25, 2009

Off to Chicago/Wheaton

I leave on Monday for a week of meetings in Chicago, Grand Rapids, and Wheaton. I'm looking esp. forward to going to Wheaton since I've never there been before. I've heard it's like the Christian "Mecca" with many churches but very few liquor stores. I can't wait to see the Billy Graham Center and bask in the glory of a colossal edifice dedicated to good ol' St. Billy the Evangelist himself. On the way there and back I'm hoping to "finally" read through Mike Gorman's book on Inhabiting the Cruciform God and Markus Barth on Justification. I hope to see you around the traps if you're there (I'll be the read head guy kneeling in front of the BGC crying out, "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy to gaze upon thee"). Otherwise, I just hope that I don't get kidnapped by any of those right wing rocky mountain militas while I'm in Grand Rapids. Just to be safe, I've got a bumper sticker on my luggage that says, "The UN wants to take your guns away," which means they should let me off if I'm captured.


Esteban Vázquez said...

Ah, the good ol' Evangelical Vatican! You know, right behind the BGC and across the railroad tracks there is an Orthodox church. ;-) Anyway, whenever I'm out there I try to make it to the BGC Museum to view the permanent exhibits, especially the History of Evangelism in America, which is my favorite.

And don't worry about running into the Michigan Militia in Grand Rapids, as the Holy City of GRusalem the New is not a high-activity center for them. (Grand Rapids, my old stomping grounds, is something of a bubble when compared to the rest of Michigan.) Just don't venture off GR to the north (especially), south, or east--though going west is fine, as all you'll find there is Holland, another Dutch Reformed enclave and College/Seminary town. (Incidentally, where I now live in Michigan, we worry more about Ku Klux Klan activity slightly north of here than about the Militia. I wish I were kidding.)

Anyway, enjoy your time in Illinois and Michigan! :-)

jordan said...

Be sure to go to the Eerdmans and Baker bookstores while in Grand Rapids (esp. the used section at Baker).

Also, would you be up for a cup of coffee/tea? Shoot me an email if you would be able. jordanbarrett at gmail dot com I've read your blog for so long now that it would be great to officially meet the author ;)

Paul L. Johnston said...

Mike, my dear brother.
Who juiced you up about beautiful GR? You are sadly mistaken.

For sure check out the Eerdman's bookstore and talk to Allen Sundsmo, the manager and librarian extraordinare.

Thanks for your blogging. It helps me out a lot.

hrobins said...

I'm glad you made it safely through customs! It was good to finally meet Mike Bird in the flesh. =) Blessings on your continued travels.