Monday, July 13, 2009

Tom Schreiner on Revelation 20

In a recent sermon, Tom Schreiner preaches on Revelation 20 and narrates his change from amillennialism to pre-millennialism. It is a very good sermon in terms of both theology and exhortation.

HT: Andy Naselli.


hrobins said...

Dear Mike,

I tried your other email address about a week ago...did it work? I didn't get an error message or anything, but you never know.


Tony Siew said...

That's interesting, Mike. Thanks for the link.

Reformed Baptist said...

This is almost incredible that someone of the stature of Schreiner would change AMIL position for a PREMIL.

I say this not because Amil has better answers to the eschatological issues, but because there is other choices. But this fact only confirms what I have been thinking: There is a very close relationship between the presuppositions of Premilenialism and Amilenialism.

I just hope Schreiner rethinks his decision.