Friday, July 22, 2005

Ben Witherington's Blog

NT scholar Ben Witherington has started a blog called: Ben Witherington. He teaches at Asbury Theological Seminary and is a prolific author in NT studies. I concur with Sean du Toit at primal subversion that it is shame that we have not heard of it earlier!

I had the pleasure hearing Ben speak on Romans and Revelation at Morling Theological College in Sydney in 2004. Even better yet, I heard him sing! Ben is also a very moving poet.

Ben’s book The Christology of Jesus is probably my favourite of his. All of his commentaries are worth reading, esp. his commentaries on Galatians, Revelation and Mark. I’m not sure about his book on the James’ ossuary – the jury is still out on that one – but at any rate Ben gives a good overview of the place of James in the early church.

In person he was very friendly, amiable and a very capable communicator. He gave an excellent lecture on Romans 7 and in another class the best introduction to rhetorical criticism I have ever heard. In talking to him, he said he is planning on finishing his series of NT commentaries and is then planning on writing a NT theology – which I earnestly look forward to reading.

Ben, welcome to the biblio-blogosphere!


The Sage said...

Actually, Dr. Witherington teaches at Asbury Theological Seminary, not Ashland (I'm an Ashland Alum), although he did teach at Ashland until the mid 1990's. Dr. David deSilva took that position when he left (also a prolific author).I agree, he has written some really good books, not to mention the amount he has written, particularly his commentaries.

Peter McKeague said...

I was also going to point out that Ben Witherington taught at Asbury not Ashland, but when I returned to your Blog it had already been corrected. I was privileged to hear Dr. Witherington lecture and preach about four years ago at St. Mark's National Theological Centre, Canberra, during my final year there. I missed his return visit last year. He is a good friend or Dr. John Painter of St. Mark's. I found his "Paul's Narrative Thought World", despite his Arminian bent, an early help.

Peter McKeague

Michael F. Bird said...


My gosh - an Aussie Calvinist who likes Witherington. I thought I was the only one!

Seven Star Hand said...

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