Thursday, July 07, 2005

So, Michael, what is your thesis on?

I'm slowly getting tiried of answering people who ask me what my Ph.D is on (Jesus and the Gentiles). And then going through the process of explaining it to them. But I have found a good way of making it more interesting and even having some fun at their expense. When people ask me what my thesis is on I say, with a straight face: “Shakespeare’s use of the semi-colon and its effect upon usage in the King James Bible”.

I have used it on University lecturers, lay-people, Ph.D students, family, friends and others. Oh, the joy I have had in seeing their face expressions and listenening them try to say something polite – “Oh . . . um . . . that sounds . . very . . . um . . . interesting!”

So I'm throwing the gauntlet out to other Ph.D cands to think up other more bizaar thesis topics that we can use all when we keep getting asked that same infernal question: "So, Michael, what is your thesis on?"

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Anonymous said...

My old standby was "Orgasm in the Hebrew Bible," which would have been useful because people can't really object, even though that'd be they're first instinct. They are of course generally aware that the Bible is quite the earthy text, and surely we need to understand all facets of it, don't we?

My wife of coursed nixed that idea before it really got going good. Thank God for her.