Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Update on things and BNTC

Here's where I'm at:

The thesis was handed to the printery and should be ready on the 5th of August which is D-Day.

The movers came around and uplifted our stuff on Tuesday and within a week or so, it should be on a boat headed to Scotland. I am already experiencing separation anxiety from my library.

My article on 'Modernizing Jesus' has been accepted and now I'm just about to send off my piece on 'Who Comes from the East and the West?' on Matt 8.11-12/Lk 13.28-29.

We booked our tickets to the UK and we leave on the 19th of August.

That reminds me, do any biblio-bloggers out there wanna get together at the BNTC one night for coffee or something. Given that us NT biblio-bloggers seem to have our own little community and common interests, perhaps we should get together and have the joy of meeting one another en prosōpō at, say, Macca's (i.e. MacDonald's) for a bite to eat and some cheap pommy coffee.

It would be interesting to do a psych profile on the average NT biblio-blogger. Let me guess, early to mid thirties, introverted, erratic personality disorder created by trying to solve the synoptic problme, liable to mood swings when favourite sporting team is loosing, and centrist-right convictions on the political spectrum. Maybe we'll find out at the BNTC in early September. Drop me a line if anyone is interested in organizing a coffee time - maybe we can get Continuum to host it for us? Not likely :)


James Crossley said...

Well I'll be at the BNTC for one.
Not sure about McDonalds though! There's plenty of bad English coffee always available.

Interesting on the profile of the blogger. You are quite close on me. The only ones I will deny are these:

Centrist right. A bit off mark there as I'm sure Ken Ristau (if you're reading Ken) would agree!

Synoptic problem. Vaguely there when I began research but always more into Jewish context of Mark and Jesus. But moved well away from Synoptic Problem these days. Much more into historical explanations for why Christianity began.

But the others: uncanny just how close you are.

James Crossley said...

PS which seminar are you going to?

J. B. Hood said...


BNTC is off my radar screen this year. Next year, however, when you're the keynote, I'm totally there.

If you go to McDonald's...well, I don't know what I'll say or do but it won't be pretty. I know the golden arches are an attractive concept, but please, please do better.

On profiling bloggers, I'm guessing center-right (like the term "football") means something totally different in Australia, Europe, and the US. No one I know who claims to be 'center-right' in the states would have thrown down a positive blog about Live8.

Ken said...

James. We agree!