Friday, July 29, 2005

New Romans Commentary

Romans: A New Covenant Commentary
William J. Dumbrell

The blurb reads:

Romans: A New Covenant Commentary offers an exposition of Romans in terms of the operation of the New Covenant. Dumbrell argues that the operation of the New Covenant terminates the age of the Mosaic covenant. Mosaic law and its system of atonement thus ceases with the death of Christ. The further important point is that Paul is relating in his exposition to his current ministry and thus to national Israel in a post-cross situation still pursuing a covenant relationship under the defunct Mosaic covenant.

William J. Dumbrell received his Th.D. from Harvard University. He has published books and many essays on the Old Testament and biblical theology. He teaches at several Sydney colleges and at Macquarie University, Sydney.

Dumbrell has written some interesting articles on the NPP in light of covenant theology.

William J. Dumbrell, “Justification in Paul: A Covenantal Perspective,” RTR 51 (1992): 91-101.

William J. Dumbrell, “Justification and the New Covenant,” Churchman 112 (1998): 17-29.

Although I don’t agree with everything he advocates, I still like the fact that he sees some genuine covenantal implications to justification. His other books on biblical theology are excellent and worth digesting.


Alan S. Bandy said...

Dumbrell's book on Revelation 21-22 and the OT, "The End of The Beginning," is one of the best books written on the subject. Like you I do not agree with everything he says, but I appreciate his work toward a Biblical Theology.

Phil said...

I am about to buy Bill's Romans Commentary (if I can find it in Brisbane) so was interested in your remarks. Re your comment on "atonement" and the old covenant, do you think Bill would say that the death of Christ atoned for Israel under the law, but is not actually operative in the same way for Gentiles?