Thursday, July 14, 2005

Three Riddles of New Testament Studies?

1. What and who is the Son of Man?

- Did Jesus use the term himself or did the church merely ascribe it to him?
- Did Jesus refer to himself or to some future Son of Man?
- Is the term a technical title, a circumlocution or what?
- Is the Son of Man a corporate figure, an individual or Israel?

I think Café Apocalypsis has some interesting musings on the Son of Man and 1 Enoch.

2. What is the righteousness of God?

- Subjective genitive/objective genitive
- Covenant faithfulness
- Salvation-creating power
- Establishing justice in all of creation
- God’s relation restoring love

3. How I interpret the book of revelation?

- Idealist
- Preterist
- Futurist
- Historic

When I think of Revelation I think of my beautiful wife Naomi. Both are a source of great hope and encouragement to me when times are tough. Both exhibit an incredible complexity and beauty that is hard to fathom. And half the time I am at my wits end if I know what either of them are raving on about!!!

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