Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Updates on NT Wright Page

There is a new article on the N.T Wright page entitled Paul in different Perspectives which gives Wright's take on his own "Solas".

Whatever one might think of Wright, in reading the opening paragraphs, critics and admirers must respect his deep and passionate commitment to the Scriptures!


J. B. Hood said...

Hey Mike,

This lecture (wrongly titled) is from his trip to Louisiana in January. His goal there was to talk to a group of conservative Presbyterian pastors (and others) and argue for his vision of Paul and Pauline theology.

Richard Gaffin, systematics prof at Westminster, was also invited to lecture there, not so much for debate (although there was Q and A with them and between them), but for the sake of comparison.

NTW, as usual, was brilliant, and gave four excellent hour-long lectures.

Kevin said...

This lecture was originally titled "Fresh Perspectives on Paul." Bishop Wright suggested the name "Paul in Different Perspectives" when it was pointed out that there could be confusion between the title
and what he has called the "Fresh Perspective" on Paul.

J. B. Hood said...


thanks for the word. Are you going to publish the other lectures by NTW from that conference? Or obtain the audio?

Kevin said...

No, but the audio from the lectures is available here:

Auburn Avenue Media