Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Blogfest continues

I have the pleasure of introducing two new blogs to Euangelion.

1. Faith and Theology: A Blog for Theology, Faith, Hermeneutics, and the Meaning of Jesus Christ Today

Faith and Theology

It is run by my good friend Benjamin Myers who is probably the smartest little cookie I know. His Ph.D is in literature (Milton), but his expertise and passion is systematic theology. He has a love for Karl Barth (personally I think his cyber-identity should be Darth Barth, that’s just me). When my biography is written people might say that my greatest accomplishment in life was having an article appear beside the great Ben Myers (see the recent Reformed Theological Review 64.1 [2005]).

His recent posts on “Hope for a World gone Wrong” are quite fitting for the current events in the UK. Also, his initial entry “Blogging: A Theological History” is a humorous read which spoofs basically every theological tradition in existence.

2. Primal Subversion: a random place for random thoughts about Jesus, the Empire of YHWH, and a tribal group called "primal" which gathers in a village in southern africa

Primal Subversion

Sean Du Toit (any relation to David Du Toit I wonder?) has a cool blog. He likes the same stuff I do Wright, the Matrix, the Historical Jesus and he has said some very nice things about me. Though I fear that it might change when the Wallabies decimate the Springboks next Saturday (Rugby).

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