Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Church Membership

I've been following the recent SBC resolution about regenerate church membership. For me, the idea that a church can have a membership of 1000 and a weekly of attendance of 300 is strange because in Australia and the UK it is the opposite. You have a church with a membership of about 100 and an weekly attendance of about 150-200. Different cultures I guess.

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Pastor Beisel said...

This is a strange phenomenon. I currently serve two parishes, both of which had a baptized membership that was much bigger than the actual attendance. Many people do not think that there is any obligation of Christians to attend worship. They see the church more as a country club--so long as you pay your dues, you can be a member even if you never show your face. I think that to a large extent, this is the fault of pastors not properly exercising the authority of the Keys. Where there is no desire to hear God's Word and receive His Sacrament, is there really faith?

Paul Beisel